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Ammo Pigs hack – 2D platformer with retro design and classic gameplay for the genre.

The game takes place in 2049, when powerful artificial intelligence fully controls almost the entire planet, destroying our usual life. Only pigs are not ready to endure this, the bravest of them go to rescue their relatives from captivity, and at the same time he will destroy robots and other enemies. The gameplay is quite familiar to such games, you explore the level, save pigs, shoot opponents, activate levers and so on until you get out of the location. The game Ammo Pigs will suit fans of the genre, who are not confused by pixel graphics and musical accompaniment in retro style.

Details Ammo Pigs Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.3 and up
  • Developer: Cascadia Games
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: –

Ammo Pigs mod is a very interesting action-platformer for Android from the studio Cascadia Games, in which we will help the little pig to save the relatives. The game received the original design of the locations, more reminiscent of a maze, bright and colorful graphic design in the style of Pixel-Art, fun animation and quite decent sound.

Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious Gameplay

In the story, the game is now in 2049 and all of humanity went to canned food, which at one fine time began to produce artificial intelligence. People were caught until they were left and the only ones who were still able to resist the evil future were pigs. One such hero armed himself with a machine gun and went to rescue his relatives from the captivity.

The synthetic brain wanted to destroy all life on our planet and it has already begun to piglets, so we must help them survive in this hell. On the way of the main character there will be a huge number of traps, robots and antagonists taking the side of evil. Our task is to eliminate them all, as well as get to the cells with the captives and free them, bring to the finish. It should be noted that the rescue of prisoners is one of the key tasks and it is not realistic to cope with it, even if you release the pigs from the cages.

The fact is that the rescued prisoners run after our wards, and he, in turn, goes straight to the inferno. Sometimes they can be locked in an elevator, jumping off at the last moment, and then heading off for a cleanup. But such a focus does not always pass. If the protagonist does not have time to neutralize the enemies in front of his nose, they will take away only part of his health, but at the same time will deprive the lives of all the rescued prisoners. Actually, because of this, the mission will be considered meaningless and there will be no reason to go to the finish line, except as an acquaintance with the upcoming route.

Features Ammo Pigs apk:

  1. Original graphics;
  2. Interesting gameplay;
  3. Funny voice and animation;
  4. Many levels;
  5. Convenient management.

The latter is always very confused. We are forced to strip not only the surface of the earth, but also its subsoil, periodically descending into the earth and winding through numerous corridors. In some back streets, you can find levers that turn off electrical barriers in front of other corridors. In addition, we can destroy the boxes and barrels in which you can find a bonus in the form of rockets.

Usually, the hero has a machine gun, shooting at a short distance and bringing little damage to the enemy. So, a rocket is capable of destroying any enemy at any distance for one volley. The main thing is for you to see the one you are shooting at. Another feature of the game is that in its spaces you can find a machine with food. We don’t have any money, so we’ll have to shoot at it several times to get some kind of snack. Thanks to the food, the ward famously recovers his lost health.

The only bad thing is that snacks cannot bring back dead pigs to life, but thanks to that too. Ammo Pigs: Armed and Delicious is a great platformer action game for Android that fans of the genre will definitely like. The game has got three difficulty modes and you will want to play on each one. Unfortunately, this masterpiece does not have a free or trial version, but believe me, it is worth the money to the last penny.

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