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Construction Simulator 2 hack – in this game, under your leadership, there will be a construction company in which you will use licensed equipment. You have to deal with the development of the company, manage various machines, monitor the loading of building materials, lay asphalt and much more. All actions take place in the United States.

Sign contracts and gradually expand other areas to get some of the largest and most profitable deals from around the world. For their implementation you can get points that are necessary for development. Implement your business in all regions, earn income and invest it in the company, increase the number of fleets and much more. The construction works are interesting and exciting. Starting with the reconstruction of the railway bridge and ending with the laying of canals. The more experience you gain, the more difficult the contracts come across. For example, in a short time you will be able to develop whole areas in which it would be possible to produce urban buildings.

Details Construction Simulator 2 Hack:

  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Developer: astragon Entertainment GmbH
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.1
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Money

Construction Simulator 2 mod is a cool and realistic construction simulator, where you can create your own building construction company and start working. This game completely reproduces the whole process of building and managing a company.

More than four dozen of a wide variety of construction vehicles that were licensed for this game. A huge number of vehicles, they all exist in reality, and you sit behind their steering wheel. Do different types of work and prepare the construction completely. First of all, the work in Construction Simulator 2 apk will begin with the excavation of the earth in order to prepare the foundation for pouring. After which the most global work will begin. Where you will have to use an excavator, truck, concrete mixer and other categories of machines.

All the equipment looks beautiful and realistic, thanks to the detailed three-dimensional graphics and it exists in the United States of America. Complete individual contract assignments, take on global missions and come up with over sixty serious challenges. Expand and improve your company so that its services will be used more and more.

The most powerful construction simulator

In Westside Plains allows you to get used to the city and interact with its life. Build different types of buildings and real estate, try to reconstruct the bridge for railway trains, work on land, and even build huge factories. In Construction Simulator 2 realistic physics, allowing you to subtly feel the driving of different cars. Sometimes you will really have to wait for very difficult tasks, and therefore everything looks like it is real. Even the road works will not become a dream for you. You can easily do them by building a new track.

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