Dragon City Gems Cheat 2022 Update

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Dragon City Gems Cheat and How to Use it

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Dragon City Gameplay

In the Dragon City game, you may nurture your own dragons and design and decorate a dragon-filled metropolis in Dragon City.The city floats on an island, providing a wonderfully magical environment for these fantastic creatures.You can use the gold you earn from raising your dragons to buy and upgrade habitats and structures in the city.

You can also exchange gold for food on farms and use that food to level up dragons, improve their strengths, and raise their gold production based on their rarity.
When you reach level 4 or higher, you can also breed two dragons to create a hybrid.

There are numerous currencies in the game, with gems being the most valuable.
The gems can be obtained in a variety of ways, including through the use of other currencies or through in-app purchases.

Besides gold and gems, there are also crystals like ruby, topaz, emerald, onyx, diamond, and sapphire which you can get from gold once you reach level 27 as a player.

The Ancient World will then appear where you can use free gold which you get from Dragon City hacks or collect them from mines and use them to summon ancient dragons.

Game Currencies

As already mentioned there are several currencies in the game – gold, crystals, and gems. There are various ways to get these currencies in the game for free, or you can buy them in the game’s store.

Gold is the most common currency which can be gathered from dragons and their development and it can be used to buy food, upgrade habitat and buildings, and get crystals. Here are some tips on how to increase your gold acquisition:

  • Habitats – upgrading habitats increases your gold potential, as well as owning more dragons. Whenever possible tap to upgrade habitats for more gold.
  • Leveling dragons – the higher the level of your dragons the more gold they get you. Grow food in big amounts to feed the dragons and level them up. When you feed dragons to level 10 and more will get you more gold.
  • Breeding – breeding dragons is an important part of the game because breeding brings dragon eggs. You can sell those eggs for more gold or nurture them into dragons, both get more gold.
  • Frequent play – the more you play the more gold you can get from all of these since the gameplay will be continuous.

Another valuable currency in Dragon City are gems. Gems are often hard to get by since they are worth a lot, but there are ways to get gems for free (but it will take you some time):

  • Log in every day – each day when you open the game you get login rewards. Some days you may get gold, some other days you may get food, and you can even run into days when you will get a free gem.
  • Gain XP and level up – to gain XP you need to collect food from farms, build habitats and complete the game’s goals. By completing your tasks you gain experience and with each new player level you gain 1 free gem.
  • Unlock Jewelem’s Tower – when you unlock this tower you will get one free gem every day. And once you reach level 12 you can rebuild the tower for more gems.
  • Play daily bonus – Deus Daily Bonus is a mini-game within the game that you can play every 24 hours. Most prizes will be small but on some occasions, you can win gems.
  • Play PVP tournaments and win – you can battle dragons with other players and win gems. Pick a dragon or a team of them and pit them against another player. If you win a predetermined number of battles you gain a reward. Before the tournament begins you will see a list of rewards and you can win some free gems while having fun. You can start a league, too and if you win 2 league battles for example you earn 3 gems.
  • Complete offers – there will be offers in the game, from installing a program to watching ads on the phone within the game. Such offers can bring you rewards, including gems.

There are many ways to gain dragon city gems 99999 for free, but sometimes there will be days when you cannot find gems whatever you do. The last official option is buying gems in the game’s store. This means that you have to use your real money in order to get gems and there are several packages of them, from 25 gems for $1.99 to 1,700 gems for $99.

However, there is a way to get the free gems up to 99999 in some nontraditional ways. All you have to do is put the wallet aside and learn how to hack Dragon City.

Game Features

Dragon City has certain unique occurrences that might assist you in collecting currency and Orbs to enhance your dragons.Each week, there are events that provide you with numerous opportunity to acquire new dragons.

What is more, these special events often offer you cosmetic items for your dragons, called Dragon Skins. Plus, you can train your dragons through various adventures called Dragon Quests.

And last but not least, you can challenge and battle other players in a duel. Your dragons then battle each other in the PVP arena and you can win some great prizes. Also, players can trade various items, such as Orbs in the Trading Hub.

Dragon City is a colorful game that anyone can enjoy playing. It is truly wondrous and it has dragons! And even though it is free, there are some in-app purchases, but those can be easily evaded with our great hack. Enjoy playing!

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