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Evertile: Battle Arena hack – Online strategy with tactical battles 1 on 1 in real time and many fantasy heroes.

Battles take place on a 5×5 board, where each participant in the battle has three tiles. The battle itself is step-by-step, you will have one move for all units. Do svayp on the chosen fighter and he will move to the extreme point in the given direction. If there’s an enemy on his way, then your unit will do him damage.

In addition to ordinary fighters, there is a protagonist who owns a certain skill, for example, the destruction of the enemy by fireballs, healing, etc. To win in battle, you need to defeat eight enemy tiles, and as a reward you will receive a chest that can contain coins, new tiles and improvements for them. Also for the victories cups are given, they open access to new arenas, where you will be waiting for battles with more prepared players.

Details Evertile: Battle Arena Hack:

  • Category: Strategy
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: Supergaming
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Gold, Gems and more

Evertile: Battle Arena mod is a very beautiful, three-dimensional and fantastic role-playing game that takes you directly to a brutal fighting arena and there you have to fight with terrible monsters.

Discover a whole new fantasy world and travel in it, constantly searching for new ways to advance on travel. You will need your own powerful deck and characters, which will need to be pumped and improved constantly. As soon as you open the next character in Evertile: Battle Arena apk immediately check it in practice and pump the necessary side skills. Every day the best heroes and monsters fight in the arenas for the right to be called the best.

Think about what tactic is much more convenient to solve problems with enemies. In your collection will be such characters as powerful warriors, magical creatures, sorcerers and even monsters. A lot of different living heroes are available right now and you can choose any. Compete with each and every day and move as far as possible. Be sure to connect to Evertile: Battle Arena to multiplayer mode to play against live people. Perhaps you can even play against your friend.

Epic Elemental Lords in Evertile: Battle Arena

The battles and battles of your collectors will be promoted through the real-time mode and there is a constant high voltage level there. Therefore, you need to try to cope with it and defeat your rivals. After each successful match, a treasure chest will be available to you. From there you can get new maps or special amplifications that will be useful for the team. Evertile: Battle Arena is made in a very beautiful three-dimensional graphics, so it will be unreal interesting to be in the atmosphere of such a world. Smash the enemy into the trash and enjoy the emotions gained from this victory.

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