Farm Invasion USA Hack for Money and Corn on Android

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Farm Invasion USA hack – aliens want to replenish food supplies and for this they fly to the farm to grab fields with corn. However, the farmer is not going to give his harvest so simply, he is ready to protect him from insolent robbers in any way.

The player needs to fight with extraterrestrial invaders, not allow them to pick up the corn crop and destroy them with the help of agricultural machinery and guns. Show them who owns this land and arrange a real carnage in this funny mobile phone game.

Details Farm Invasion USA Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Developer: HandyGames
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.5
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Money and more

Farm Invasion USA mod is a simulator of a real American farmer, whose land was invaded by aliens. You have to enter into battle with a UFO and show who is the owner on the corn farm.

Go a long way towards the prosperity of your own corn farm. Perfect your weapons, and get behind the wheel of your frightening harvester, an assistant in harvesting. Only now the combine will have to defend itself against omnivorous aliens, and in all possible ways to resist the attack of greedy aliens. The little blue trolls will fight to the last to take the harvest. In the arsenal of the invaders will be armed ships equipped with plasma cannons. For a true patriot, the US has no barriers to conquering unexpected guests and obtaining a title of hunter.

Farm Invasion USA apk paintfully painted the possible future of rural farmers. You are waited by the chase of the villagers behind the blue-headed Martians, the plague weapons upgrades. Also, Farm Invasion USA plunges into history, thanks to constantly hidden notes, in hidden places hidden tuning spare parts for your lethal harvester. Even after full passage, you will have something to do, because the game is filled with achievements and mysterious technologies of invaders.

Feel on your own skin Farm Invasion USA

Perform tasks aimed at protecting your farm from extraterrestrial invaders. In your arsenal there will be weapons collected during the attack literally on your knees. In Farm Invasion USA with every killed blue-headed aliens, the chance to get secret extraterrestrial development is increasing. Protect corn fields from UFOs and improve weapons with alien technology. Also in your arsenal will be a mad combine that will help to carry out a large-scale sweep of uninvited guests.

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