Fusion Heroes Hack for Gems on Android and IOS

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Fusion Heroes hack – collect from separate parts of your own fur and defeat other robots in cruel fights.

Move to the distant world of the future to build a powerful robot hero and defeat the endless hordes of cars with cannons, rockets, lasers and other weapons. The fights themselves take place in this way, two robots are facing each other and firing mercilessly. At the same time, it is necessary to send smaller robots to attack the forces of the enemy, until one of the opponents is destroyed. Missions differ in difficulty level, but in return a player gets good rewards. After a while you will accumulate enough resources to upgrade furs and improve its technical parameters. If you are not confused by the pixel style of graphics, then it may be worth playing and independently assessing the gameplay.

Fusion Heroes mod is a RTS for Android stuffed with an action from the studio Tapinator, Inc., in which we will have a fierce battle of large and small robots. The game received an interesting design of horizontal locations that fit on the device screen, pseudo-pixel graphics with vivid animation and funny sound.

Fusion Heroes Gameplay

The meaning of the gameplay is very unusual fights. Each battle begins with the appearance on the battlefield of two main robots. At the bottom of the screen, several icons appear that are responsible for calling additional units, as is the case in most real-time strategies. Fighters are hired as whole groups or individually, depending on the type of warriors, and the frequency of their appearance depends only on the rate of energy replenishment.

The enemy robot also periodically releases its wards, and our main task is to at least contain their onslaught, and only then we can think about our own attacks. To the right of the unit call buttons there is another button with a rocket. It is filled rather slowly, but when this happens, there is a chance to do damage directly to the main robot without any interference.

In addition, on the senior antagonist, the front sight of the sight constantly turns. When she hits the body of the enemy, you can tap on the screen and make a direct fire shot. However, the maximum effect of such an action is achieved only in cases when the aforementioned fly intersects with a floating colored circle. The latter hover around the enemy with a whole swarm, and the more they are in the firing line, the more damage is done by an aimed shot.

Features Fusion Heroes apk:

  1. Pseudo-pixel graphics;
  2. Impressive squads of micro-robots;
  3. There is a pumping system;
  4. Intuitive gameplay;
  5. Simple control.

After a successful match, you can either immediately go to the next battle, or you can upgrade the team. By this improvement is meant the upgrade of individual units and the hiring of new, more advanced soldiers. In principle, there is nothing difficult in the development of the robot and its wards, since everything is arranged on an intuitively understandable level.

Fusion Heroes is a great RTS with Pixel-Art action elements. You can download the game for free and have a good time. Donat system was unobtrusive, and the available advertising appears very rarely and does not bother.

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