Galaxy Empire Hack (Cheats) on Dark Matter and all resources for Android and iOS

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Hacking the Galaxy Empire will give you an unlimited amount of Black Matter, all resources, and you will also get the Moon of the maximum size for free. For hacking Galaxy Empire you will not need to download anything, for this you just need to use the best cheats that will allow you to do all this. These cheat codes work on all devices (phones and tablets) with Android and iOS operating systems. To obtain all the resources and the Black Matter, as well as the Moon, you do not need to have the rights of Ruth or JB. If you still do not know where to enter cheats for Galaxy Empire, then you can find a link to instructions on how to enter cheats below. Enjoy the game to the maximum.

  • For 99999 Black Matter (Dark Matter), enter this Cheat Code GE_7SUucC4zET
  • To get 99999 all resources, enter this Cheat Code GE_NJjrUB77Ff
  • To get the Moon of the maximum size, enter this Cheat Code GE_VhqG7JlEZG

All Cheat Codes can be entered many times.

Attention! In order to get instructions for cheats, you need to subscribe to this guy’s YouTube channel, like any of his videos and watch this video to the end without rewinding


Cheat Codes Better than programs for Hack Galaxy Empire because:

  • You don’t need to download the program for Hack Galaxy Empire.
  • These cheats work on all Android and iOS devices (Apple) considering tablets.
  • To use these Cheat Codes, you don’t need to have Root or Jailbreak rights.
  • You can Hack Galaxy Empire’s Black Matter, all resources and the Moon for free.
  • You won’t catch up because you don’t need to download anything.
  • This Hack is 100% safe because you don’t need to download malware for Hack.
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