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Gods TD: Myth defense hack – a strategy in the genre of TD, where you have to fight the waves of demons that appear from the portal.

These were peaceful lands, where people believed in gods from ancient times and lived in prosperity under their protection, until the demons that sowed chaos invaded. The forces of evil, together with their minions, killed anyone who was on their way. Playing as a fearless leader, challenge the devil and his army to defeat evil forever. Demonstrate the depth of tactics in the construction of the defense line, then even your strongest enemy will not pass by your defense. Discover the legendary heroes and gods from ancient myths, for example Odin, Zeus and all the others, having passed through no fewer than five separate worlds. Also there is a possibility to fight 1 on 1 with the rival in real time.

Gods TD: Myth defense defense Hack:

  • Category: Strategy
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: –
  • Developer: Lemix game studio
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: –
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Gold Coins, Energy and more

Gods TD: Myth defense is a colorful Tower Defense for Android from developers Lemix game studio, in which we are faced with a fierce battle between the representatives of the dark forces and the Gods of ancient myths. The game will please fans of the genre with original gameplay, high-quality graphic design in a hand-drawn style, excellent animation with bright special effects and good soundtrack.


As in any “tedeshka” we only need to destroy the advancing enemies before they reach the key point. And just the role of the latter is played by some God. They may be Zeus, Odin, Prometheus, Poseidon or the Jinn. We will control the ancient warriors armed with axes, swords, bow or spear. And in the expanses of locations, there will also be ancillary elements, for which we do not respond and can not influence them.

As it usually happens, representatives of evil spirits appear in one part of the playing field and begin to move along the path to their goal. We must place our soldiers along the track, regularly improve them, if necessary, swap places or completely remove them from the location. By the way, the end point (that is, the protected God) can be moved closer to the far end of the playing field. This makes it possible to arrange more soldiers along the road and cope with the massive attack of enemies.

In addition, the Gods themselves also defend themselves well and at a certain distance begin to water the attackers with fire, lightning, water and other elements. The main thing is not to allow monsters too close, otherwise because of the damage we will not get the maximum reward. The latter is necessary to improve the various boosters, as well as the warriors themselves and various pitfalls. In addition to manpower, we can use magic and elements, acting directly on the attackers, and not on the area that needs to be protected.

Features of Gods TD: Myth defense

  1. Original gameplay;
  2. There are many levels;
  3. An interesting pumping of heroes;

Good graphics.

Management in the game is very simple: to place the warrior in the right place it is enough to transfer his card to the battlefield and then confirm his intentions. After the battle, go to the menu of improving the warriors and activate the new characters, not forgetting to pump the old ones. Gods TD: Myth defense mod is a great “tedeschka” for Android, which will not let you go crazy with boredom while waiting for something. The game is distributed free of charge and does not require mandatory investment.

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