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Goldenboy hack is an original Android shooter from the developer Anton Sharychev, in which we are waiting for an impressive number of armed enemies, roaming the catacombs and labyrinths. The game received a non-trivial design, an unusual graphic design of three-dimensional locations and characters, in a polygonal style, excellent animation and a good soundtrack.

Details Goldenboy Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Developer: Anton Sharychev
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: –
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and more

Gameplay Goldenboy – coins raider

The gameplay is divided into levels and initially we get access only to the first of them, the simplest. The opening of the following locations will have to be paid regularly, and the prices for this business are growing incredibly, as it happens in the clickers when upgrading a particular element. It is also worth noting that golden coins are scattered along the corridors of each location, which later are taken into account.

The problem is that the same money can be spent on upgrading the main character and his weapon, which is very tempting. Much cooler because reload the machine gun two times less, use more powerful cartridges and withstand more hits from enemy bullets without serious damage. So we have to be torn between the upgrade and new locations. However, even launching the same level, we will see different corridors and labyrinths.

That’s because the locations are re-generated each time and this makes the gameplay more diverse. The only thing that does not change in this or that task is the number of enemies and their aggressiveness. Yes, depending on the complexity, the behavior of antagonists changes. And this is also interesting. The only thing that is a little frustrating is the management and the top view. The problem is more in a dynamic camera that moves depending on where the protagonist is moving.

Features Goldenboy apk:

  1. Unusual design;
  2. Interesting graphics;
  3. Many levels;
  4. Good balance of difficulty;
  5. Upgrade and booster system.

Because of this, you have to constantly change the position of the left finger and adjust the direction of movement of the main character. There are still minor inconveniences and they consist in the fact that we can not expand the location. And the walls in the game are quite high, and the top view at an angle makes it impossible to see the enemies standing, for example, near the near wall of the corridor. It is simply blocked by a partition and we do not know where to shoot. The rest of Goldenboy mod for Android turned out to be quite interesting and lovers of shooters will definitely like it.

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