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Helix Crush hack – a very exciting music game in which we will need to leak down the hopping ball, flying through the missing sectors in a variety of cylindrical fruits. All this is accompanied by tremendous dynamic music. It is necessary to fly all fruit vertically down without damage, while making sure that in the process of falling our ball was not crushed in various ways. At the top of the screen is a progress bar, which shows how much more you need to fly in the current level to go further. On the fruit you can see the blue sectors, collisions with them should be avoided. If at the very beginning they are rigidly fixed, then as they pass, they begin to move along the circumference and their movement will have to be taken into account when calculating the flight trajectory of our ball. In general, the game was very dynamic and beautiful with excellent effects and a lot of different fruits.

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Details Helix Crush Hack:

  • Category: Music
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer:¬†AMANOTES
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.

Helix Crush mod is a game that takes place under different musical compositions at a very rhythmic pace. The player will be able to feel the music and will click on it in order to achieve better results.

To go through this amazing arcade player will need to follow a clear musical rhythm and move the dance with your fingers to break more and more spirals. There is nothing difficult to manage such a game, and therefore it has the most addictive effect. Very simple in Helix Crush apk control, which allows the player to enjoy actions in the process. Spiral your finger in order to pass the levels and on the way cut any fruits along the slices.

Thanks to this you will be able to enjoy the dynamic process in the game and get to the last levels. The main thing is not to be nervous when you play Helix Crush and move smoothly from one level to the next. In this case, the player will be able to do a lot and quickly get to the new results. Do yourself great results and gradually get to the top of the table in the global ranking of Helix Crush. Naturally, such a game can not but please, and you can hardly break away from it.

Helix Crush game in which you can set your own rhythm

A huge number of different skins will be available for players to advance through the levels, which are here gathered more than a hundred. You can apply any and break up more and more fruits. Of course, all this looks very epic and so pleases players. In addition, during the participation in Helix Crush you will find a huge number of a variety of music tracks and among them there are both dynamic and quiet, allowing you to relax. To play you will help just one finger, and you will quickly move to different levels. You can even challenge your own friends to check how much faster they are than you and more musically.

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