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Hovercraft: Battle Arena hack – here you will find PvP network battles 3 by 3 and the ability to create unique hovercraft.

During the battle, organize the actions of your team in such a way as to win the battle over rivals. To do this, activate energy boards in time, turn on boosters, monitor the amount of ammunition and collect bonuses. Through the built-in editor, players can design original vehicles and install different types of weapons on them: lasers, rockets, machine guns, etc. In the future, it is necessary to pump the level of the vehicle, this will allow you to unlock additional modules, skins and other improvements that will give an advantage on the battlefield. There are several battle arenas, the ability to build hovercraft block by block and spectacular destruction of enemy vehicles.

Details Hovercraft: Battle Arena Hack:

  • Category: Racing
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Developer: High Score Hero LLC
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and Gems

Hovercraft: Battle Arena mod is another pseudo-pixel time-eater for Android from the studio High Score Hero LLC, in which we are waiting for unusual aircraft from multi-colored cubes and a sea of ‚Äč‚Äčadrenaline. The game received a non-trivial design, interesting gameplay, high-quality graphic design in a drawing style, excellent animation and quite decent sound.

Hovercraft: Battle Arena Gameplay

The gameplay is based on the principles of online team shooters from the PvP series. True, instead of narrow streets there are wide open spaces (relatively, of course) with some obstacles, we will not be driving a little man, but an unusual flying fireball that does not have brakes. In addition, the meaning of what is happening is not just to survive, but to take possession of the greatest number of energy cubes.

At the beginning of the battle, one such cube is located in the center of the location, to which six players rush (three on one side and three on the other), among whom we are. In principle, it does not matter who takes possession of the first block. After that, it is important to attack the enemy, because after his destruction, several of those energy cubes remain on the field. We, too, will constantly be under fire, so you need to constantly move, accelerate, hide behind obstacles and go on the attack.

The more blocks the player picked up before they were destroyed, the more the potential liquidator would get. The problem is that to pick up the necessary elements after the destruction of the hovercraft, any participant in the battle can and this can decide the fate of the round. It is also worth noting that the weapon must be regularly recharged. To do this, you need to fly through special platforms with the appropriate icon. In the same places are selected accelerators and shields, whose name speaks for itself.

Features Hovercraft: Battle Arena apk:

  1. Original gameplay;
  2. Interesting graphics;
  3. Real rivals;
  4. Convenient management;
  5. Realistic physics;

Of the interesting moments can be noted animation, with which flying cars are falling apart. When it comes to opponents and other players, this is not so noticeable, since the distance and dynamics of the gameplay do not allow to see all the details. But when they shoot at you, you can watch the hovercraft fall apart. First, some wing falls off, then the engine, gun, cockpit and an explosion is heard. A few seconds after the destruction of your car appears in the game again. In any case, if the time of the battle is not yet out.

For the management are responsible tapas on the right and left halves of the screen, when you need to turn in one direction, and the simultaneous use of two fingers, if you need to accelerate. For each battle, we receive a reward in the form of a briefcase, which opens for a very long time. Inside you can find cards for upgrading ships, game gold and rare currency. Each hovercraft is quite realistic to improve and even completely rebuild using the original palette.

And you can also create your own model of the aircraft and equip it with some kind of weapon, but you will have to sweat to gain access to it. In general, Hovercraft: Battle Arena for Android causes positive emotions. For the pleasure of not necessarily investing real money or stare at advertising, but a stable Internet connection is very important. Otherwise, you will only do what to see your device in the recovery menu, than to fail the command.

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