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Kievan Rus hack – continuation of the strategy, where the player feels himself the ruler of Kievan Rus.

This is a geopolitical strategy for the android platform for which you do not need a permanent connection to the network. As the ruler of the largest empire in Europe, you will have broad powers that will lead the state to prosperity or decline. Be engaged in the most various affairs directly influencing lives of simple citizens and global processes. For example, a player will collect an army to participate in wars in order to seize territories and resources, make peace, actively trade, issue decrees, carry out sabotage and espionage, choose the religion of his state and this is only a small part of what you have to do, to achieve the prosperity of the empire.

Details Kievan Rus Hack:

  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: Oxiwyle
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Gold Coins and more

Kievan Rus mod is a terrific historical game in which you can become an elite strategist and go through the war. Naturally in this case, one should think about politics.

Go to the old ancient Russia, where you have to get involved in a political war and brutal fights around the world. You can become one of the great commanders who will assemble large-scale armies and will fight for new territories. The game is full of a wide variety of possibilities and you can even fight in Kievan Rus apk through the multiplayer game mode. then you will be expected to meet with the rest of the players.

It is not necessary to fight against casual players, because besides you can play in a historical solitary where you need to know the diplomacy. The player can become the ruler of the most important state and conduct it through a huge number of cases. Prepare to fight against the most diverse ancient empires. Feel a huge number of strategies to get ready for a fight right now. Fight with the European invaders, barbarians and constantly increase the scale of territories in Kievan Rus.

Begin hysterical ascent to Kievan Rus

At the moment, the game has more than four dozen different countries, where you can become great. Build a land army, engage in a fleet and even conduct sabotage. Naturally, in such a war, an incredible number of opportunities will await you. At any time you can raid another state. Be sure to engage in politics and even issue new laws constantly. Kievan Rus is a very large and interesting game in which you will be waiting for a lot of interesting and new. To manage to command all types of soldiers at once can not everyone, but you have to go through it, because otherwise you will not win.

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