Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends Hack for Coins on Android & IOS

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Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends hack is a game for children that allows you to play with a small cat or dog directly on the android device. Get a real electronic friend who will live in this game and demand constant attention. You will dress Kiki and Fifi in special clothes for animals, picking up blouses, shoes and bows on your head. Make your animal a real glamorous dog or cat, the image of which will delight your look and bring you joy.
You will have to take care of the accommodation for the kitten Kiki and the dog Fifi, putting in order a small box. In addition, you will find many interesting games where you can feed your pet, guessing what he wants you to give him.

Details Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends Hack:

  • Category: Education
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Developer: TutoTOONS
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.4
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and more

Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends mod is a very nice mobile game with nice pets. You will meet with a kitten named Kiki and dog Fifi. They are very cheerful and time with them flies unnoticed.

Prepare to take care of two lovely pets that need it. When a player gets a seal and a puppy, they will need to be watched and taken care of constantly. In time, feed and bathe the kids, and do not forget to create an individual style for everyone. Kiki and Fifi love to play very much, therefore in Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends apk it needs to be done with them all the time. Prepare a warm bath or shower in advance, because after the game they are soiled, they can wash there.

Watch for the purity of their wool and do not forget to change as often as possible the outfits that will suit them. Naturally, they will need their own house and it is important that it is comfortable. Then in Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends and girls and boys will have to build it, and after that to look at the reaction of pets, they should remain satisfied. Children will be delighted with this game, because they love to surround cute animals with care and affection.

Care for pets in Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends

This funny kitten named Kiki very much loves constantly experimenting with external outfits and in this you must help him. Take care even with the nails of this animal, which is sure to please the girls. The dog likes to keep himself clean and can not walk with wet and dirty hair. In Kiki & Fifi Pet Friends there is always something to do, which means it will be always fun. Prepare food, do the appearance and build a pet house. Constantly cook for them the sweetest and tasty food, from which they will definitely be delighted. There are a huge number of interior items that will help in decorating their little town.

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