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Minion Shooter hack – stop hordes of impending monsters shooting at them from the fruit cannon.

Alien monsters attacked the planet to collect all their coffee and now they came to the last coffee plantation in the world that you and will have to defend. The gameplay is very dynamic and extremely simple, point the gun and shoot at monsters that are trying to attack from the ground and from the air. True, do not overdo it if you shoot for a long time, then your gun will overheat, but there are assistants whom you buy for coins, and in special cases click on the red button to drop a bomb on the enemy cluster. You are waiting for about a hundred levels with different weather and time of day, ten dangerous bosses, three game modes, two types of control: one or two touches and stylish 3D graphics.

Details Minion Shooter Hack:

  • Category: Arcade
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Developer: Creative logics
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.5
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Gold Coins and Rubies

Minion Shooter mod is an explosive arcade with a lot of fun moments and characters. The player will have to defend the world’s only coffee shop so that scary monsters can not get close to her.

Stock up with the most powerful weapon of fruit, to further fight off the constant attacks of your monsters. Use the most powerful and effective weapon that will shoot monsters with fruits of the most diverse variety. By becoming a member of the Minion Shooter apk, players can collect a lot of gold coins for protecting the coffee house, as well as bonus items that help increase the fighting power and strength of their hero.

Fight with a variety of monsters and try to deal with them instantly. You have to go a very long and fascinating journey to the most diverse places of the mysterious world. Be sure to prepare all ammunition, because the aliens are incredibly many. Minion Shooter is the most mysterious and fun gameplay. He has his interesting and comfortable gameplay. Those who decided to play in this action will definitely be delighted and will get a lot of fun.

Mad fun with aliens Minion Shooter

For the players prepared more than a hundred exciting and fun levels in Minion Shooter. All of them have a unique uniqueness and even in weather conditions. In the process of passing through hundreds of levels the player will perform in ten stages. Everywhere there are powerful and cruel Bosses, with whom it is necessary to understand. Play in each of the available modes and there set new records Mignon Shooter. This experience from the shooter players have not yet received, which means it will be very interesting. Beautifully made graphics of the virtual world, animation and visual effects. This game is very kind and at the same time killer. It can appeal to both adults and children, because with it you can quickly kill free time.

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