Murder Mall Escape Hack & Mod for Android & IOS

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Murder Mall Escape hack – a puzzle, designed and created in the style of this horror. The player will go to a large shopping center, where it will be necessary to catch the main maniac.

Details Murder Mall Escape Hack:

  • Category: Puzzle
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Developer: MobiGrow
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.4

Serial killer has a huge strength and clever character. That is why so long no one can catch him, and he walks calmly through the shopping center and kills new victims. Catch it you can try you in the game Murder Mall Escape mod. Now, along with the chief detective of this district, Johnny Passadino, the player will explore the most diverse places of the shopping center, where you need to find material evidence, items or opportunities to catch serial killers. Naturally, the gameplay is very complex and each puzzle will be difficult.

Do your best in Murder Mall Escape apk to discover this maniac and close it forever. You have to explore a lot of places to search for items to the killer was found. Only then will people be able to breathe freely and continue to visit stores. Beautiful three-dimensional graphics with a style of pumping horror will try to immerse the player in this atmosphere Murder Mall Escape.

Detective and the search for a killer in the Murder Mall Escape

Horror in the style of a detective is drawn in high-quality animation like a cartoon. Naturally, players will like this original artistic solution. All rooms in this game world are original and do not repeat. Explore them and find a lot of physical evidence. You have to do a very difficult road before the discovery of a maniac. Murder Mall Escape will appeal not only to puzzle fans, but also to detectives with an original storyline. It is really unique here and very interesting to pass it will have to spend a very long time. True sorry for you it just will not, but detached from the detective will be difficult.

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