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NearEscape hack – here you alone fight for survival in a world struck by a deadly zombie virus.

A terrible infection quickly spread all over the world and the society we are accustomed to has collapsed. Most people turned to zombies and only a few managed to survive. The main character comes to himself on one of the streets of the city, completely not remembering what happened to him. Help him overcome thirst, hunger and despair, and also in parts restore his memories. You will have absolute freedom to move around the vast world and the opportunity to enter many buildings. Explore the locations, find food and weapons, kill the dead and much more. Here, different weather, including rain and fog, hundreds of objects and changing life parameters of the character for which you need to constantly monitor.

Details NearEscape Hack:

  • Category: Adventure
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: ElMaHeGames
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.5
  • MOD APK has: Add Resources, Weapons and more

NearEscape mod is a very well-thought-out adventure in the modern world. Here, the player, using the top view, will participate in the passage of the story company, in which the zombies and a lot of intense tasks.

The infection began to spread through the air masses, and soon the entire population of the earth was defeated by it, so the local population was infected. State power at one point collapsed and the city was emptied. A huge number of people could not survive in such conditions and therefore they gradually replenished the number of the dead. However, in NearEscape there were those who could restrain themselves and survive all this horror.

The world was constantly developing and increasing its strength, so the following infected began to turn into wild zombies, trying to kill people. The protagonist of mobile adventures managed to survive in such an atmosphere, but he woke up with a complete memory failure and does not understand what happened recently. Now you need to become a member of NearEscape and try to survive for the main character. Survive a severe hunger and try not to get involved in despair. Just travel around the city, and the memory will gradually recover.

Restore the memory of the hero from NearEscape

Almost the only available shooter, where the player can feel the realism of what is happening through a special opportunity. Everything that will happen on the screen of your mobile, is present in real time. The weather on the street will be transferred to the mobile and even the lighting will operate there. Such sensations from the game NearEscape will be unique and maybe they will like the players. Participate in completely free adventures, where you can move in absolutely any directions. Explore concrete labyrinths and try to go through the whole plot from the beginning to the end. Physics and graphics in the game are very powerful.

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