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Piffle hack is a colorful android game from the developers of Hipster Whale, who created the popular arcade game Crossy Road.

Point the trajectory with the pointer and throw the cats and rabbits so that they destroy the blocks before they reach the ground. Replenish the “shells” by collecting more cats at the level and use the cool bonuses of four types. As soon as you remove the required number of blocks, the stage will be passed. Try to make the minimum number of shots, then all three stars will be with you, and having accumulated enough, a box with amazing awards will open. Here is a beautiful design with bright colors, charming characters and many levels that will increase with subsequent updates.

Details Piffle Hack:

  • Category: Arcade
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.4 and up
  • Developer: HIPSTER WHALE
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and more

Piffle mod is a cute arcade game for Android from the HIPSTER WHALE studio, in which we will throw the kittens into square monsters. The game received an interesting gameplay, original graphic design in a cartoon style, excellent animation with special effects and an amusing soundtrack.

Piffle gameplay

The mechanics of the process are built on the principles of a simple casual arcade game like Ballz Break, but the game is framed much nicer than the children will appreciate. Judging by the plot, the main character kidnapped a friend and some monsters in the form of blocks are to blame for what happened. It is them that we will break throughout the game. At the bottom of the location is the main character in a suit cats. To get rid of enemies, you need to throw up kittens and aim at the numbered blocks.

As in the mentioned time-killer, the numbers inside the blocks indicate the number of hits that they can withstand. In addition to the cubes, on the screen there are icons of kittens and energy. Knocking the first, we will increase the number of cats-shells, and collecting the second, we increase the power of the wards, who then begin to knock down the blocks in fewer collisions.

For management are responsible for the usual gestures on the screen. The dashed line coming from the main character helps to aim. However, if you take into account the ricochet against the wall, there are no clues here and you will have to think out the direction of reflection of the impact yourself. It is also worth noting that the gameplay is divided into separate levels, and not stretched to infinity. Of course, access to the new task opens only after we cope with the previous one.

Features Piffle apk:

  1. High-quality gameplay;
  2. Nice graphics;
  3. Funny animation;
  4. Simple operation;
  5. Many levels.

Piffle is a nice arcade game for Android that will appeal to all fans of bubble shooters and arkanoid games. The game is distributed free of charge and does not require a mandatory investment, and the existing advertising appears infrequently.

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