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Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike hack is a cubic batch that will take you to a huge house with dozens of windows and doors. All would be well, when suddenly from all directions there were dangerous growling, rustling and treading a dozen feet. As it turned out later – these are living dead who have risen and are now ready to break everyone who will be on their way to become a good food. That in order not to turn into a huge piece of meat for zombies, you need as quickly as possible to score all the entrances and exits from the house and armed with weapons that fall into the hands.

This entire picture is diluted by a huge arsenal of weapons that can be opened and unlocked as you progress through the game. Open piercing, cutting and throwing weapons, which will be a good defense against the walking. You can even create your own unique weapons and test them in real environment. Be very careful and do not rush to rush into the crowd, because among the slow and brainless mutants there may be special mutants that you should not stand on ceremony with. Pixel Combat will not make you miss a single minute, because there are full of hungry zombies and hardcore bosses.

Details Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: GS Games Studio
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.4
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Money

Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike mod – this is a very cool action game about zombies and cubic heroes. Players will find themselves inside their own home and defend themselves there by any means from bloodthirsty zombies.

Once inside your own home, you need to try to muster the courage, because right now, crowds of ferocious and terrible zombies begin to pound into it. They conduct a large number of attacks on your home and try to get inside to destroy the last survivor in the city. A player from Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike apk needs to find any available weapons to protect and kill them in droves. It is very difficult to survive in a locked room, when absolutely any window or door can get out of a zombie, and it will be very strong.

Armed with axes, and then with shotguns, to fight off such attacks. Be sure to look into the defense and protection of your home, for which you can build a lot of barricades and other items. So it will be much easier to defend in Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike. At the moment there are more than a dozen different types of weapons. Among them there is both melee and automatic. In the process of the game you need to keep a close watch on where the next Zombie will come from.

Action with steep gameplay – Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike

The action in this cubic action comes from the camera from the first person. The player will have to explore a huge number of very diverse locations, which are made in the same schedule. At the end of the stages Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike you can meet with a terrible boss, whose appearance is very formidable. Start to keep the defense with simple knives and axes, and finish with powerful shotguns or even machine guns. A very realistic physics engine will allow you to enjoy all the activities in the game. From such a steep action will be extremely difficult to break away, because each level is a new insane sensation.

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