Punch the Boss Hack & Mod for Money and more on Android

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Punch The Boss hack – In this android game you will have a chance to take revenge on the boss in all possible ways.

Shoot the boss from the machine, hit it with a hammer, use the chainsaw, throw darts at the boss and use other deadly items. Get coins for accurate hits, which can be spent on the purchase of dozens of weapons and clothing for the boss. Experience the real fun passing the mission, and also have the opportunity to change the face for the boss. The game has a first-person view, 4 unique characters, easy control and many types of weapons.

Details Punch the Boss Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 2.1 and up
  • Developer: TerranDroid
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.1
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins & Gems

Punch the Boss mod – tell your boss everything you think about him, if your boss has not paid a premium for a long time, and you deserve it, then install the application and restore justice.

The annoying boss has not paid his salary for a long time, or does not let him go on vacation, then you should play in Punch the Boss apk. For the selection is given more than eighty kinds of different weapons, including a bat, a knife, darts, Kalashnikov assault rifle and even a nuclear bomb. Deal with the boss the way you want, do not infringe on yourself and let thoughts into action. Do not accumulate a negative inside yourself, it will eat you from the inside, it’s much better to open the application and put instead of the character’s face, the face of a person who has been enraged for a long time and is experiencing your patience.

After selecting in a convenient inventory a weapon of revenge and starting a massacre of the boss, I use a very large arsenal of weapons, ranging from cutting, ending with gunshot and detonating weapons. It is worth remembering that you can choose the face of the character, that is, you can choose the face of your boss to choose, which will play a major psychological role. Establish Punch the Boss and get rid of the stress accumulated at work on time, the good of the functionality allows you to do it.

Punch the Boss (17+) – boss down

If after difficult working days it is difficult to live a quiet life and nerves are not in order, then you do not need to keep everything in yourself, you can simply throw out the accumulated negative on the character with the face of your boss. One of the methods of reprisal is an automatic weapon and a nuclear bomb. In Punch the Boss realized the most convenient interface for such applications, it was added to the choice of four different types of boss, you can change the face on each of them. Reset the sad mood will also help realistic and colorful effects.

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