Sling Kong Hack & Mod for Coins on Android and IOS

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Sling Kong hack – a great arcade game for android, in which you have to jump up clinging to the rods.

Pull back the character, then select the direction and release so that it moves up and can catch. Different traps, such as circular saws, fire and other obstacles, will try to stop you, so be smart and move upward.

Collect coins to unlock more than 35 different characters, including a jellyfish, a lion, a cow and other animals. Challenge your friends and become the best in the number of points scored in this exciting game.

Details Sling Kong Hack:

  • Category: Arcade
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: Protostar
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and more

Bring your monkey to success and popularity. You can download Sling Kong mod to android and get real pleasure from a simple, but very addictive gameplay. Rock on the vines, hang on the ledges and turn around until you collect enough prizes. Be attentive on the path to success, various pitfalls are set up everywhere and troubles can arise. They need to be circumvented, otherwise it is not worth talking about getting the main prize. Try to climb as high as you can to the tip of the mountain. It is there that the monkey will wait for the grand prize and the end of the level.

In addition to the monkey, there are plenty of other funny characters for which it is worth downloading Sling Kong apk to android. Choose for whom you will climb up the mountain. Maybe you will have fun with a pig, a jellyfish or a chimpanzee. Here are collected more than a hundred crazy characters, which are created in a very attractive schedule. Invite your friends to this exciting gameplay and fight for the best places in the table. Try to break their records to prove that your character is no worse coping with lasagna in the mountains and other places. Recently, it was possible to dress up and customize your main character personally.

Adventures of the Brave Monkey

The player can create from it a cute animal or ferocious King Kong, with which you can later create an individual Selfi and share it with your friends. Use a lot of accessories and combine according to your strategies. Come into the game as often as possible to scroll the wheel of fortune, it is on this day that luck will fall and you will get rich. Make funny avatar of your hero and have fun. You are waiting for more than a hundred levels, which really surprise and cause admiration. Feel yourself all the superiority of this simple gameplay.

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