Smash Cops Heat Hack and Mod for Android and IOS

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Smash Cops Heat hack – a dynamic race, passing through the streets of the city and the highway, in which you will be in the role of a police officer to pursue the intruders.

In these extreme races you will experience your driving skills, chasing criminals who want to hide from you. Often you will have to personally commit accidents in order to catch violators of the law. Perform spectacular stunts and carry everything around, most importantly, detain dangerous villains.

Make a choice between a large number of fast police cars, among which are the classic American maskers and the original supercars of Europe. Slip into the car breakers to detain them, as well as to admire the spectacular special effects from collisions.

In the game Smash Cops Heat you expect comfortable driving, a variety of settings, all sorts of tasks, bonuses and dynamic gameplay. Go on patrolling city streets and challenge the lawlessness of criminals!

Features of the game Smash Cops Heat:

  • Stunning 3D graphics and animation;
  • Chase and stop the intruders rushing at high speed;
  • Avoid criminals’ attacks in intense pursuit;
  • The huge territory on which the city is located, perfectly suitable for racing;
  • Realistic physics, which creates the plausibility of what is happening.

Details Smash Cops Heat Hack:

  • Category: Racing
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 2.3 and up
  • Developer: Hutch Games
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.3

Smash Cops Heat mod – this is a real racing hit, made in the style of the arcade and with a view from above. But the game has high-quality three-dimensional graphics, with a lot of bright visual effects.

Millions of players already know for sure that they have chosen the right game in order to spend their free time fun and interesting. Now they enjoy racing in this fascinating world, which is full of races, criminals and policemen. Smash Cops Heat apk offers a wide variety of bonus levels and options to help you customize the gameplay. Each of the cars presented here has its own personal characteristics and they need to be pumped to achieve smart results with rivals.

Destroy everything on your car in the environment and do not forget to deal with the cops who will constantly chase you. You can travel around the various places of the amazing city in Smash Cops Heat and create a real mess here. This game allows you to feel freedom in movement and racing around the city. The idea of ​​the developers is that the player must become a policeman and take part in the most insane television show about the persecution of bandits on the road.

Smash Cops Heat chase and, destroying everything around

Chase bandits around the city, and as soon as you manage to catch them, send for jail. The gameplay is very dynamic, and drivers can drive at extreme speeds. Try to avoid any attacks on time and pump your cars, because the bandits will be steeper after each next level. In Smash Cops Heat is really very bright and beautiful three-dimensional graphics, which recreated not only cars, but the entire environment. You will like to ride in such a place, besides here you can create the most unreal chaos and destroy everything that can get in the way.

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