Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter Hack for Gold and Silver

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Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter hack on android – a new game that already managed to make noise on Google Play. This is the second part of the application to protect its base. The application has changed quite a lot, although the main task of the user has remained the same. It will be necessary to defend the base from the attack of various military equipment with the help of tanks and guns. The user will be given machine guns, a rocket launcher, an ion gun, an energy reactor, and others. Dynamics during the passage will be huge, and adrenaline will also not take away.

Details Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.0 and up
  • Developer: AKPublish pty ltd
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.3
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Money (Gold & Silver)

Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter mod – this is the second part of the game in the genre of protecting towers, where you can even use tanks. As elsewhere in games of this genre, the hero will have to organize effective and powerful defense for his military base.

Prepare to hold back huge waves of enemies, because every new day they will attack you and try to destroy your military base, because it prevents them from capturing the world. The player from Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter will need to install a huge turret and use it to shoot from the advancing to the center of the tower of the enemies. You can choose a turret or any other weapon to destroy your opponent. In fact, the game process allows you to use almost any available weapons and defend against enemy attack.

Use even magic to protect the main turret and not give chances to the enemy. Arrange as many buildings as possible throughout the military base, but do not forget about the special tactics of the arrangement, which in Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter plays almost the main role. You can put on the base of machine guns or even install a powerful missile that will deal with enemies. With advancement through the levels there is a chance to use more innovative weapons, in the form of tesla, ion cannons or energy fields.

Protection of towers with tanks in Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter

Destroy every day anyone who tries to cross the boundaries of your military base and let it be difficult, but absolutely everyone can cope. Destroy any enemies with weapons and get coins for it. Thanks to its accumulations, the player can pump the military base and all the equipment installed on it. Restrain powerful waves of enemies daily along with Tank ON 2 Jeep Hunter and enjoy success. “Android” – a site offering a huge set of games of the genre of Tower Defense. Go through single missions and in the end you will have the most ambitious and powerful military base, which will be held only by great enemies.

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