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The Walking Zombie: Dead City hack is an atmospheric pixel shooter on an android, in which everyone can find something for themselves and completely immerse themselves in the game. You will be transferred to the near future, which is not as colorful as many of you imagined. The world has completely swallowed up the chaos and now everyone is trying to survive, battling with the terrible zombies that the terrible virus created. You just have to take one of the pixel weapons and start to pave your way to survival.

All this zombie-mash supplements not a bad, sufficiently deep plot with a well-illustrated prehistory of events. Of course, one can not do without an arsenal of weapons, each of which can be improved and pumped, which will greatly enhance its fighting qualities. All this good you will certainly experience in the fight with walking dead men, who will have over twenty differentities (ranging from stray zombies and ending with big bosses). The overall picture of the game “The Walking Zombie” will complement a huge number of cards with a variety of graphic design and the zombies that inhabit them.

Details The Walking Zombie: Dead City Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: Alda Games
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and more

The Walking Zombie: Dead City mod – this zombie shooter reminiscent of the near future, which will have terrible consequences. A large-scale virus turns people into zombies and you have to survive in this nightmare.

Find yourself in the midst of a flaring war between the remnants of mankind and people who have become zombies and have lost the chance for a future brighter future. Smash the mob of the infected in the shooter The Walking Zombie: Dead City apk with your pixel pistol, kill more zombies, kill infected and useless zombie dogs or other more epic monsters. Collect experience points and upgrade your weapons, to choose from you more than ten options for destroying the enemy.

Remember that your pixel gun is the most reliable weapon in this zombie apocalypse, upgrade the barrel, lowering the kickback and increasing the accuracy of the weapon. Kill more enemies day after day and get more ammo and other improvements. Put in doubt the continued existence of all zombies, exterminate them one at a time and start a safe life, of course, if you do not want to die at the hands of the dead and join their ranks. Help all surviving humanity to survive in this complex and bloody world. Playing The Walking Zombie: Dead City can get a big dose of pleasure, because pixel graphics is full of special effects and secrets.

Kill all the zombies in The Walking Zombie: Dead City

Finding yourself on a planet where a dangerous virus spreads, it remains only to resist the zombies hunting the living flesh. Under threat of extinction and pets, now you have to defend themselves with a pixel pistol from mutated dogs and zombie soldiers. The more you kill zombies, the more chances you and the whole of humanity have to survive. The Walking Zombie: Dead City will not let you get bored, more than 20 varieties of zombies and huge zombie bosses will make you look for a way to survive at any cost. Often falling into the head, the player gets achievements that will help to move on.

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