Traffic Hard Truck Simulator Hack for Money on Android

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Traffic Hard Truck Simulator hack – become the driver of a large truck and deliver the goods in this android simulator.

Manage this monster will not be easy and if you are ready to cope with the trucker’s work, then you have to drive 11 American cities on 8 different models of trucks. Become a real road king by downloading this exciting game.

Features of the game Traffic Hard Truck Simulator:

  • Excellent and smooth 3D graphics;
  • Plausible behavior of the machine;
  • Manage different trucks and configure them;
  • Realism will add breakdowns, ending fuel and fatigue;
  • View from the driver’s cab;
  • Road map, change of time of day and other cars on the road;
  • Global rating and achievements.

Details Traffic Hard Truck Simulator Hack:

  • Category: Racing
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.0.2 and up
  • Developer: MobGames3D
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.0
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Money and more

Traffic Hard Truck Simulator mod – the most realistic simulator trucker, based on the bitter experience of drivers who conquered millions of kilometers. Carry out dimensional cargo and become a professional in your business.

Sit behind the wheel of a multi-ton truck and furrow spaces of an immense homeland, delivering vital cargo for the entire population. I will feel all the realities of Russian roads, passing hundreds of thousands of kilometers on one of the tractors, including KAMAZ and many other foreign cars. You can also sit behind the wheel of Gazelle, the legendary savior of small business in a difficult, after the Soviet era. Having set Traffic Hard Truck Simulator apk even the most experienced, the trucker will experience all the coolness of the game.

The developers realized the most realistic behavior of trailers and semi-trailers, added a large number of village and dirt roads, and also buildings in the game resemble buildings from cities in real life. On this beauty Traffic Hard Truck Simulator does not end, playing it you will see thoroughly traced salons of your favorite cars, as well as changing weather conditions for rain, snow and sun. Simulator conquerors of roads you will not get bored, it has many modes, the main feature of which is the time or dimensions of the trailer on the tractor.

Traffic Hard Truck Simulator – trucker simulator

Become a real trucker and wheel on post-Soviet roads on famous cars, they are pure Gazelle, KAMAZ and a large number of foreign tractors. Every lover of tractors and long journeys on lorries with a trailer, will properly appreciate Traffic Hard Truck Simulator. Deliver complex cargo for a while and set new records. Travel around the big country, filled with buildings resembling Russia, refueling, nature and facades of buildings. Overcome the severe weather conditions on your favorite truck with a view from a well-traced cabin.

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