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True Fear: Mystery Valley hack – you will investigate the mysterious murder of the professor as an FBI agent.

You arrive at the scene of the crime as a FBI recruiter to conduct an investigation related to the murder of a person, but seemingly unremarkable crime, leads you to even more ominous secrets. What is the connection between the tragic events, the ancient history of a small town and the locals? This you have to find out by solving the problem of puzzles, searching for necessary evidence and passing mini-games. In this classic quest you will find a mystical storyline with unexpected twists, an ominous horror atmosphere, three levels of difficulty, tips, over 25 locations, 15 cut scenes and 10 unique logical puzzles.

Details True Fear: Mystery Valley Hack:

  • Category: Adventure
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.1 and up
  • Developer: The Digital Lounge
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.3

True Fear: Mystery Valley mod is a puzzle game for those who love horror movies and find things. Here, players will be able to immerse themselves in the classic tests and go through a huge number of levels on the subject of Horror, where you need to find items and solve puzzles.

The main heroine was recently selected and was appointed an agent of the federal security service. Now she was given the first mission in history, which turned out to be complicated and especially mysterious. It is necessary to uncover the murder in the most mysterious circumstances in the True Fear: Mystery Valley. Expanding the whole story chain, the agent comes to the conclusion that a much more serious and mysterious business is involved here than it seemed before.

The whole city is shrouded in darkness and most likely the murder of a journalist is just the beginning to a series of extermination. Now the player has to plunge into these strange streets and houses of the city of True Fear: Mystery Valley, and in the process to solve a huge number of fascinating and difficult puzzles. For this you will have to use logical skills and cunning. Participate in a wide variety of plot scenes and look for items on dozens of diverse locations. Everywhere this horror and seriousness of trials will await you.

Detective in the world of horror movies True Fear: Mystery Valley

The gameplay was thought out to the smallest detail, and as a result it was possible to create high-quality gameplay and beautiful graphics. The player can immerse himself in the most mysterious, and sometimes even frightening atmosphere. Sometimes during the passage of this intriguing line the player will be able to learn the stories, which is full of tension and other moments. In total, during the promotion on True Fear: Mystery Valley will need to perform more than 25 original scenarios, where in each reigns its own exclusive atmosphere and full of fascinating puzzles. Easily use the controls and enjoy animated screensavers, in the form of video clips.

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