Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade Hack for Coins & Money

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Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade hack – create a thriving city in the Wild West in this humorous and exciting idle game.

You will need money, so unlock as many mines as possible and send your heroes to mine gold and various minerals for you. Complete orders to level up and earn even more. If there are not enough cowboys, they can be obtained by winning arcade duels, where you need to press a button in time to shoot with maximum damage. Fight against players and compete with friends from social networks to rise to the very first places in the ranking and become the richest in the Wild West. Invest the profit in the most reasonable way and then nothing will prevent you from getting rich. The workflow does not stop even when you have closed the game.

Details Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade Hack:

  • Category: Simulation
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 5.0 and up
  • Developer: PeakX Games
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: –
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and Cash

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade mod is a cute simulator for Android from the PeakX Games studio, in which we will be engaged in the extraction of precious metals. The game received an original design, nice graphic design in a cartoon style, excellent animation and funny sound.

Looking at the icon and some screenshots, it may seem that we are dealing with another clicker, but this is not entirely true. The main part of the gameplay takes place at the location where the mines are depicted. In the first minutes we will have to manually collect coins and ore from a single mine, but as soon as there is enough money, it will be possible to hire a kind overseer and pump it so that he himself follows the work on his site.

The more the mine and its foreman are pumped through, the more money she brings automatically and you will not be able to help with tapas here. When there is more money, there will be a chance to deepen the mine and make its work even more efficient. So Makar can go even further, but each new floor down will cost much more than the previous one. Very soon access to the board of honor will be opened, where for each completed task we will receive a decent reward.

Features of Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade apk:

  1. Original gameplay;
  2. Nice graphics in a cartoon style;
  3. Several locations with different tasks;
  4. The system of pumping mines and heroes;
  5. Many bonuses.

And a little later, it will be possible to retrain their employees for the extraction of more valuable resources, as well as remind ourselves that events are unfolding in the wild west. Yes, there is a place for duels, where you can both lose a life and take it away from your opponent along with his wallet. The toy is distinguished by an impressive set of menus for upgrading everything and everyone, and, of course, for every improvement, it will take money that will pay off very soon.

Wild West: Explore Shoot Trade for Android is a cute gold miner simulator with original gameplay chips. You can download the game for free and stick into it for a few hours. In-game purchases are welcome, but not required, advertising is available, but does not appear without permission.

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