ZIC: Zombies in City Hack for Resources & Weapons on Android

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ZIC: Zombies in City hack – zombie shooter with story and four characters with a unique story.

Several zombies infected the rest of the city and only four of the heroes were lucky enough to stay alive. Stop the spread of a deadly threat to all humanity, killing the dead that will meet on the way. Use a variety of weapons, including an ax, chainsaw, gun, shotgun, automatic and others. Control is as follows: the left side is responsible for the movement, the right for the camera overview, and there are buttons for shooting, precise aiming, recharging and running. The action contains 10 kinds of enemies, voice acting, various secrets and there is an in-game video.

Details ZIC: Zombies in City Hack:

  • Category: Action
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.0.3 and up
  • Developer: IO Games Ltd.
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.6
  • MOD APK has: Add Weapons and Resources

ZIC: Zombies in City mod is a pixelated game in the style of maincraft, the main goal of the hero is to survive against a pack of zombies. Survive at all costs and continue to fight with zombies. Survival is the main incentive.

In the survivors were 4 heroes, the chances of surviving from them are catastrophically small. The survivors unite their forces against the zombies attacking them, in order to live a couple of days and remain unscathed from the attacks of walking dead. According to the legend, at night in the city infected zombies came and bitten all, four survived, they were not touched by the ill-fated virus. Help the heroes survive by justifying the checkpoint in the hospital, where there are many medications, including adrenaline. After the update of ZIC: Zombies in City apk, the main characters crashed the aircraft and found themselves on the island, where you have to explore the jungle and understand how safe it is to be there.

The tribe settled on the island, but the survivors would enter the temple and fight for life, bypassing the traps. Surviving in a fierce game ZIC: Zombies in City you have to wait the night and fight against ten varieties of zombies, each has its own characteristics, one blunt and slow, and the other is fast as a bullet. A variety of weapons gives freedom of action, you can choose between guns or cutting mechet.

ZIC: Zombies in City – kill all zombies

Go through the survival test with a team of four people, in such a harsh living environment, when every minute zombies are waiting for you and at the first opportunity to attack. Defend yourself from hordes of walking dead with gunshot and cutting weapons in a blood-chilling game ZIC: Zombies in City. Get the team together and protect each other at all costs. Carry out various side missions and get bonuses. A whole world that visually resembles maynkraft is available for study. Build a barricade and escape from a horde of zombies in different locations.

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