Zombie Rush Hack on Android & IOS (Unlimited Coins)

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Zombie Rush hack is a fun arcade game for Android from the studio Wakeapp Games, in which we will run away from the crowd of hungry zombies. In addition to the addictive gameplay, the game received a minimalist design, ascetic graphic design in a drawn style, excellent animation and a soundtrack that causes a smile.

Details Zombie Rush Hack:

  • Category: Adventure
  • Version: The last
  • Requires Android: 4.3 and up
  • Developer: Wakeapp Games
  • Price: Free
  • Content Rating: 4.3
  • MOD APK has: Unlimited Coins and more

The gameplay is very similar to a number of time-killers, in which you need to run away from something or from someone. In 2 Minutes in Space – Missiles Vs. Asteroids the role of antagonists are played by rockets, in Man Vs. Missiles airplanes, in Car vs Cops these are policemen, and here mutants. The mechanics and principles of gameplay are the same. Our task is to constantly wind from side to side so that the monsters running after them collide with each other. Light contacts do not bring results, but if the zombies bounce their heads well, they will only have a wet place.

The location, apparently, has no boundaries and you can run anywhere. Mutants appear out of nowhere and completely unexpectedly. There are no beacons, radar or arrows here. The only thing that plays into our hands is the scale. With such small characters, the location seems huge, so that there is quite a lot of room for maneuvers in the game. The next difficulty is that the game is gradually becoming more complex.

First, a little faster zombies appear, then we start to meet the giants, and a little later a monster resembling the monster from the Silent Hill movie rushes towards us. The one with an incomprehensible triangular thing instead of a head. In general, this monster is worn as a reactive and escape from it is incredibly difficult. It is worth noting that in each new attempt the protagonist gets three lives.

Features Zombie Rush apk:

  1. Dynamic gameplay;
  2. The game is addictive;
  3. Two control options;
  4. Good graphics.

One collision with enemies takes away a heart and there are no ways to restore health here. As for the management, right in the main menu we are offered to choose one of two options: a multi-position stick or tapas on the edges of the screen. Both are worthy of attention, and the choice will depend on how busy your hands are. Zombie Rush mod for Android is a good time eater with dynamic gameplay. The game is distributed free of charge and does not require a mandatory investment, but to disable advertising you have to fork out or turn off the Internet connection.

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